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New York, from my point of view, it’s in top 5 destinations around the world. I so dream about me, singing the Frank Sinatra song, one day: “start spreading the news, I am leaving today, I want to be a part of it, New York, New York…”. New York is fascinating from many points of you. So, if you think of shopping, night life, walks, beach, ocean, food, shows, museums, libraries, sky towers, amazing views, and so on, New York has it all! It’s breath taking!

Times Square

Times Square

Central Park Zoo


It was my dream to get to New York. For me it was like seeing the pictures on the internet and I was already there with my soul. It was all that I could have imagined and even more. I was so happy every morning to “wake up in a city that never sleeps”. Walk up and down on those amazing streets. Couldn’t stop shopping and gazing at the sky tower buildings. Enjoying the city lights in the night that were giving me the feeling like it was daylight. All the time feeling the vibe, the movement, the beauty, the greatness.


Hotels in New York, like in the USA in general are pretty bad. You pay a lot, comparing to Europe, for not so good accommodation and services. So, I would suggest that when you look for a hotel, don’t choose for any circumstance, if possible, under 4 stars.  Even at this segment you will have the feeling of a 2 or 3 stars hotel, for some of them. As far as I’m concerned, as at my first trip to New York I was depending a lot on a fixed budget, I preferred to stay more close to the center, and choose a 3 stars hotel, then to pay a little less on a 4 stars hotel, far from the center.  So I chose Pennsylvania Hotel, close to Penn Station and to Times Square. Very poor hotel, with no internet and old fashioned rooms. Anyway, the price was very low (around 120$/night) and close to the center. The second time I went for a 4 stars hotel, Le Parker Meridien, close to Central Park, with a rooftop pool and amazing big and light rooms. I had a package there and have pay only 120$/3 nights, so really amazing price and hotel!


My, oh my, I thought I will not fit the door on my way back to my country but was surprised I was actually 4 kilos less on my return. I love food in America. I know people are calling me crazy, but really, those amazing big portions of sweet potatoes, huge ice creams, incredibly tasty burgers and that fluffy pizza??? Ok! One of the most tasteful burger was at the hotel we’ve stayed at Le Parker Meridien. But, don’t worry, there are plenty of restaurants where you can eat amazing burgers, you just have to avoid the ones that are very close to major attractions.

If you are in love with Italian food, pay a visit to Little Italy. You will have the feeling like being in Italy, but the food is nothing like real Italian food. Anyway, not bad either.

So, whatever you do, don’t miss in the morning a nice portion of oatmeal and a coffee at Starbucks, and for lunch the burgers, the sweet potatoes and Ben & Jerry’s and Baskin Robbins ice cream!

Little Italy


I just love the places where you can go and enjoy the city but also have some rest at the beach, enjoying the sun and gaze at the Ocean. New York has it all! A very nice place to go and enjoy the sun is Coney Island. And if you are into some fun, enjoy the Coney Island Amusement Park! What you need to know, if you come from Europe like I am, is that there are no sun beds or any kind of arranged beach. So, you will literally stay in the sand. As far as I’m concerned, I bought a yoga mat and a nice soft tower and I was ready to rock! Also, be careful that if it feels windy, close to the Ocean it’s really windy and the sand will get everywhere. It took me one hour to remove all the sand from my hair in the shower. So, really choose the day carefully!


Oh, my! The best shopping I have ever had! If you are in love with shopping like I am, choose to go either in June or January when you will find lots of sales and promotions. But, if you go to America for shopping, buy American brands. Don’t expect to find European brands at better price than Europe. 5th Avenue is where you will find all the brands, and of course, the famous Tiffany&Co.


Statue of Liberty Cruise – Excellent choice! We had a very nice lunch on the boat, took pictures at Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy the sights of New York from another perspective.

Times Square – The first thing we did was to go to Times Square. All those commercials, the lights, the live, the rumor, day or night, you will find it amazing!

Times Square

Broadway show – Choose whatever you like but do go and see a Broadway Show. Me and my friend went to Stomp (a different kind of show) and we enjoyed it a lot!

The Empire State Building – The views from the top are breath-taking! Must do! Must see!

Brooklyn Bridge – Quite interesting and famous, Brooklyn Bridge is a definitely must do in New York!

Central Park and Zoo – As I am in love with parks, of course Central Park was one of my favorite attractions. I don’t remember of being in a bigger park than this, and for sure not at one with a zoo inside of it! So, from my point of view, definitely a must do!

Take a walk on Wall Street and Broadway – I don’t know about you but I am a huge fan of talking long walks. So, a long walk on Broadway, all the way up, not only helped me burn some calories, but it also helped me see some very nice stores and places. And, of course, wouldn’t miss for nothing a walk on famous Wall Street.

Rockefeller Center – A national historic landmark in the heart of Midtown Manhattan where you can shop, dine and explore at one of New York’s most inspiring locations. And, during the Winter, you can admire the most beautiful Christmas Tree and Skate Park.

Rockefeller Center
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