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As far as a cruise is concerned, I’ve heard pros and cons. Some are saying that they would feel trapped and afraid not to get bored. Some have movement sick. Some say that the cabins are too small. And so on… But, for most of the people I spoke to was an amazing experience. Me? I would go on a cruise every month! The most amazing thing from my point of view is that you don’t have to pack and unpack every day. Second, you can see a new place every day without having to lose time on flights or on the road. And third, but not least, in the evening you can have an amazing time having a barbeque, sing at a karaoke night, play at the casino, dance in the club or just have a drink with your friends on the deck. And, actually, the most amazing thing that happened to me on the cruise was that I got to be with a lot of wonderful friends and also my mom and dad. Cause it doesn’t matter the age, only your smile and your joy!


Depending on the cruise, you leave from one harbor and you come back to the same one, or you embark from one harbor and you end your cruise on a different one. On the cruise I made on Greek Islands I’ve embarked in Piraeus Harbor (Athens) and came back to the same one. Now, depending from which country you fly from, you can choose to fly or drive. As Romania – my country – is close to Greece, some of my friends came by car. I flew to Athens. One thing is for sure: choose a hotel close to the harbor as most of the departures are early in the morning.


Now, depending on your budget, you can choose your cabin. The only suggestion that I can make is to have an outside cabin – cabins that have a window. It is true that most of the cabins are small, but as I said, I will not spend my entire live there. And if you are organized, you can create a very nice environment. Also, think that the low you are as level, the less you will feel the movement, but also the cabins on lower floors are more noisy, as you can hear the engines. So, if you think on spending a bit less money, or a bit more on your holiday, think again what would you like to get from your cruise.


What’s amazing about cruises is that you have an all-inclusive package! The bad thing is that you cannot stop!!! Again, depending on the cruise that you choose, the food can be more luxurious or not. The good thing is that whenever you are hungry or thirsty you can find plenty of food or drinks!


This is definitely a big advantage when you are on a cruise. Most of the cruisers have swimming pools and the big ones actually have water parks aboard. Another good thing is that because of the movement you cannot feel the heat of the sun and also you get a wonderful tan on entire body. Careful because the sunbeds are limited and there is a possibility that you find none free.

MYKONOS – Definitely, one of my favorite island from Greece. The views are amazing and the perfect combination of blue color with white, small streets, nice shops and cute taverns make Mykonos a place to dream of! What to see? Mykonos Little Venice and the Windmills!


KUSADASI – We’ve had a stop also in Turkey, at Kusadasi, where we’ve had a very nice visit at Ephesus. Here you can explore the remnants of this fascinating archaeological site, walk along marble covered roads and pass by Roman baths and forgotten shops, reach Odeon, Temple of Hadrian and Fountain of Trajan then head to the Library of Celsus and The Great Theatre. The culminant moment is seeing one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Temple of Artemis. At your way back, before going back to the ship, have stop in the harbor to have a look in the leather and fur stores and also the Grand Bazaar. Do bargain for the price that best suits you, and remember that some products you can get for less than half of initial price.

PATMOS – Worldwide known as a sacred island, Patmos is considered to be the place where Saint John wrote the Book of Revelation. The Island is an ideal destination for nature lovers thanks to its lace-like coastline, sheer cliffs and volcanic soil.

RHODES – For me, Rhodes Island is definitely a place to go back to. Historical Center is quite nice and the beaches are cute. They have a lot of handmade shoe stores and some of them are quite impressive, and the quality is very good for the price that you pay! A bit disappointed by the animals that hold place of the feet of the Rhodes Colossus.

HERAKLION – is the largest city of Crete and one of Greece’s major urban centers. One of the most impressive sights of Heraklion are the fortification walls that delimit the old city. Also, the old Venetian port still shares the story of the place where ships used to be built. And, in the heart of the city you can find many monuments dating to the Middle Ages, a period in which Heraklion witnessed great prosperity.

SANTORINI – Oh, my lovely Santorini! Always happy to go back there! If you have never visited Santorini, Oia is the place to go. Amazing landscapes, all up and down narrow streets, great combinations of white and blue, nice restaurants facing the water and romantic walks. Definitely one of the best places to take great photos and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets.  Fira is also nice, if you don’t have too much time to spend in Santorini, but not as impressive as Oia.



DANCING LESSONS – As I am a sportive person, I needed something to do to move my bones a little bit. But, it also had to be fun as the gym was not attractive for me at all on holidays. So, I decided to make some moves on the dance floor! One day we learned how to dance cha-cha and every day we were having Zumba lessons (not my favorite, but fun for the holidays).

CABARET NIGHT – Really impressed about the Cabaret Night! Great music and voices, nice choreography and dance, beautiful costumes and amazing atmosphere!!! Big, big like!


PACK & UNPACK: One of the big likes for me was the fact that I didn’t have to pack and unpack each time we were changing the destination!

SMART TIMIMG: The good thing with being on a cruise is that while you sleep they change the location and you can enjoy each day a different place without having to take a plane or drive a car

ALL INCLUSIVE: I loved the fact that you had everything in the same place. Restaurants, bars, swimming pools, shops, event rooms, etc.


WAKING UP EARLY: I am not a morning person and waking up at 6am is not an option for me. Unfortunately, for some of the harbors we had to take a small boat to get on the shore, and the scheduled boats were at 7am.

SMALL CABINS: If space is a problem for you as it is for me, you will feel at some points uncomfortable, especially if you are a woman and you are caring a lot of unnecessary stuff with you, as I do!




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