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Being a woman sometimes comes with advantages. They say that women shop from pleasure, while men shop for necessity. I don’t know if you have ever experienced that feeling inside of warm pleasure when you walk an important fashion street and you pass across the stores windows and it’s like they are calling you, inviting you to have a look, telling you a story. That guilty pleasure when you buy something you don’t need but you think you cannot live without it? Even if the pay check for electricity is waiting silently on the table at home you feel like your entire world will crash if you don’t have it! And you are happy! Can’t wait to wear it!

What about the concept behind all this? Have you ever wondered why we are so attracted by the windows of the stores? Have you noticed that they really tell a story? That they are very well organized and that people who thought about the concept do express something from their work. From my point of view, it’s a real art to be able to rise such feeling in people’s hearts. To be honest, every time I was getting to a big city, I was curious and excited to see what they came up to this time. And Milan was my favorite! And it didn’t matter if I had the money to buy anything or not, it was the story behind that was fascinating me. I remember once I saw a big, fancy table at Dolce&Gabbana store window, full of amazing food and accessories, and around that table mannequins in beautiful dresses. It was not about the opulence of the stuff they were presenting there but about the richness of the family idea, the atmosphere, the colors.

Milan is one of the places I visit at least once a year. This year I was a bit disappointed to see that fashion industry is not doing as well as it used to. I remembered when I was going to school in Milan and the first thing my teacher taught me was that fashion comes from the street. It’s hard times for us! The uniqueness is not such as great value nowadays and with the “Chinese Empire” now that are copying everything is hard to stand. I saw stores that are much smaller than they used to be and the mirage of windows not so much anymore.  A sad feeling of disappointment was born inside of me and I am wondering, where next?

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